All characters from Highschool DxD: Requiem will be listed here.


  • Irina Shidou
  • Xenovia


Four Great SatansEdit

  • Sirzechs Lucifer (Gremory)
  • Serafall Leviathan (Sitri)
  • Ajuka Beezlebub (Astaroth)
  • Falbium Asmodeus (Glasya-Labolas)

Gremory ClanEdit

  • Rias Gremory (King)
  • Akeno Himejima (Queen)
  • Asia Argento (Bishop)
  • Yuuto Kiba (Knight)
  • Koneko Toujo (Rook)
  • Issei Hyoudou (Pawn)

Phenex ClanEdit

  • Riser Phenex (King)
  • Yubelluna (Queen)
  • Mihae (Bishop
  • Karlamine (Knight)
  • Siris (Knight)
  • Isabela (Rook)
  • Xuelan (Rook)
  • Ile and Nel (Pawns)
  • Ni and Lie (Pawns)
  • Shuriya (Pawn)
  • Marion (Pawn)
  • Burent (Pawn)
  • Mira (Pawn)


Two Heavenly DragonsEdit

  • Albion (White Dragon Emperor)
  • Ddraig (Red Dragon Emperor)

Fallen AngelsEdit

Raynare's GroupEdit

  • Raynare
  • Mittelt
  • Kalawarner
  • Dohnaseek


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