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Knightmare Battle Tournament! is a fanfiction series written by RaiZero on FanFiction.Net based upon the FanFiction, Gundam 00 High by Cyberslayer-00. This story was originally published February 26th, 2013 and has been continuously updated. This story will indeed follow all Code Geass media involving the mecha, Knightmare Frames, similar to the fanfiction War of the Elevens. 


A game was released in Japanese arcades across the nation named Knightmare Battle! This highly anticipated virtual reality game throws the pilot into life like battles utilizing strategies, tactics, physical strength, combat ability, and many more factors in these intense battles which uses large cockpit like pods to simulate G-Forces. This game was created by numerous companies brought together by a masked and caped man named Zero, who's face is unknown to those within his company. On the day of it's release, Suzaku Kururugi is the 100th person to register and is given the Z-01 Lancelot to use in the game. While this game becomes more and more popular, the reason as to why it was made and why people play it becomes more and more clear through time as the Knightmare Battle Tournament inches closer and closer with rewards nobody could dare to imagine.


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【MAD】 Code Geass「Haruka Kanata」

【MAD】 Code Geass「Haruka Kanata」