Code Geass: Lost Souls is a fanfiction series written by RaiZero on FanFiction.Net, based around zombie media. This story will indeed involve zombie features from various zombie anime, manga, films, games, comics, and so on in order to create a proper zombie filled story with the characters from Code Geass.


It is 2017 a.t.b. of the Imperial Calendar. A terrorist organization named Peacemark has united with numerous terrorist organizations throughout Britannia's colonies. With the usage of a new biological weapon, Peacemark has infected every single Britannian colony with a virus that turns all that are infected into an undead state where they become zombie-like monsters. This event is named the "Number Infection" and every colony has been quarantined by the Britannian military. The world prepares its militaries in fear of spreading the contained infection into other countries. While the world plunges into an era of depression, Lelouch loses himself and becomes someone more deadly as he fights to protect the ones he loves.